Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Easy Fall Makeup for Brown Eyes 2014

Happy Fall! As much as I love summer, there is nothing more beautiful and refreshing then a colorful fall day, especially here in Seattle.  So pull out your boots, sweaters and get ready with me for Fall. Using the Stila Cosmetics In the Know Palette, I came up with this easy, wearable and matte look, perfect for day time or the weekend. Using Smoke from the palette or any matte gray, place the shadow on to your lids. Then using Fire, or any burnt orange color, with a fluffy brush, blend the shadow in the crease adding warmth and intesifying your eye color. I then used Earth, a neutral brown in the crease, as a transition color and to make sure everything is blended. This look really highlights brown eyes, however if you have a lighter eye color, try using a brown  or dark plum on the lid instead and black or gray as your neutral transition color in the crease. Watch the tutorial below for step by step directions. 

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