Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easy & Affordable Zombie Makeup-Halloween 2014

With Halloween just a few days away I put together this quick, easy, and affordable Halloween look. This Zombie makeup for Halloween 2014 requires minimal product, you can basically use the makeup products you already have. You also need white face paint, scar wax/creepy skin or liquid latex, and of course fake blood! I bought these Halloween makeup products in a package from Target for $6. You can also get these supplies at any Halloween store, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, or any local store. These products are also sold separately, usually ranging from $1-$5 each.

As for the actual makeup, pull out your black eyeshadows, dark browns (both warm and cool toned), dark purples, and black eyeliner.

Products Used:
Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation
(use whatever daily foundation you want)
White Face Paint (Usually $1)
Makeup Forever HD Powder
( you can even use baby powder)
MAC's Soft Brown
MAC's Brown Down
Naked 2 Palette-Blackout
Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner-Perversion
BH Cosmetics Palette

Zombie Makeup:
Mix the white face paint with your foundation to get a more realistic skintone. You can use only white face paint to have a more intense look, but I prefer to just make my skin slightly more pale. Don't forget to set everything with powder, if you don't have makeup powder you can use baby powder, you just want the paint to stay put.

Make sure to use a creamy black liner for the eye lids. This is a base for your shadows and helps create the desired shape. Use black shadow to set the liner.

Use softer browns and plums to blend any harsh edges of your black makeup, including the lower lash line. These eyeshadow tones will give you more of that zombie appeal. Use a fluffy shadow brush or even a small blush brush to blend, you want the eye makeup to look soft and diffused.

Use the same shadows to contour your cheeks and nose, zombies don't seem to gain weight from all the people they eat so contour for that "sunken" look ;)

I used black eyelash glue to create the shape of my bloody face pattern because it gives the look more texture. The dark gray color also adds to the shading. I then applied scar wax in various places, you can freestyle whatever look you want.

Next just shade the outer areas with dark colors like black or purple to create a bruised or decayed look and apply red shadows towards the center. Finally, apply your fake blood however you find fitting! Don't worry about mistakes because this look has no rules and any blood smears just add to the look. Show me your zombie makeup look and have a Happy Halloween!

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