Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How To Find the Perfect Makeup Artist: 4 Tips

With spring here and summer around the corner, it’s time for various weddings, receptions, and special occasions, which means a makeup artist is in need! Here are my 4 Quick Makeup Tips when hiring an MUA and some of my favorite makeup artists! 

Tip #1:  Do A Trial! Don't just rely on someone's opinion until you've tried them out yourself. I’ve worked with many brides with horror stories of previous makeup artists. A trial helps you discover better looks for yourself, your occasion, and what works best for your skin and features.  By doing a trial, your look will be set and accomplished much more quickly on your special day.  

Tip #2:  More is NOT Better. This is definitely catered to my Indian brides & readers. It is not attractive nor acceptable for your MUA to make your skin lighter, cakey, or make you look like a completely different person. Yes, Indian bridal/occasion makeup is heavier and should be more dramatic, but there are certain techniques to achieve this look which doesn’t include masking your face. A makeup artist should ask you about your skin type and skincare routine because that can determine the type of foundation and application she or he applies. It’s time to stop going to your local auntieji or threading salon who advocates the white cake face, or hoping to get on the Pink Orchid waitlist which might cost just as much as your entire wedding. Find a MUA who knows how to make YOU look your best. Your skin should look flawless and even, not light, heavy and dry. Your shadows should be blended and complement your shape not hide it, and your lips should bring out the glow in your skin tone, not disguise it.  Indian women vary in skin color, all of which are beautiful. 

Tip #3: Work with who you like! If you don't connect with your MUA, move on. There are many talented MUAs out there all of which have different styles and portfolios. You should be able to honestly and clearly communicate with your artist and they should be able to adjust. Getting your makeup done is a fun experience so do it with someone you like.

Tip #4: Do your research.  If you're looking for an artist for your wedding, research them! Do you like their website, business card, presence, or portfolio? If they only have a photo shoot portfolio or website, they either don't have experience in that area or they simply like doing photo shoot makeup. If you like their style and they have experience, set up a trial, show them pictures you like, and let them experiment. You'd be surprised how versatile an artist can be, after all we are artists! 


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