Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Valentines Day Gifts for Men #mangifts

My bf recently told me that he never uses moisturizer and as a makeup artist, this shocking news inspired me to write this post: My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men:

1. The Easy “Man” Gift: If you haven’t already, update his sports (or whatever he’s into) collection with jerseys, customized mugs, t shirts, wallets, key chains, anything you can put his favorite team on, DO IT! Customization is simple, sincere, and unique to him.

2. The Replacement Gift: Most guys have something you know he should get rid of, so upgrade that ripped wallet or those dirty sneakers.  I recently got my guy a casual dress shirt from Express on sale for only $30.00. He gets a new shirt and I get some eye candy, win -win.

3. The Simple Gift: If you’re the couple that doesn't give a fuck about VDay like myself, try something small. As a random gift one time, I printed out a photo of my guy and I, framed it, and on the back of the photo wrote a sweet message. As time went by, whenever I checked the back of the photo, maybe weeks or months later, there would be another sweet message and the flirty conversation continues.

4. The Gift He Doesn't Want but Needs: This can apply to many items, but as a beauty enthusiast, I have to go with skincare. As I mentioned, I recently got my guy to start using moisturizer, something he apparently was never using before. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Khal Drogo, but similar to many, "manly" men, he associates skincare with something “girly” or just part of my beauty obsession. Just like exercising or eating well, a good skincare routine is essential to your overall health and includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, and so much more.  Let’s face it, guys need a little TLC too, so stock up on some beard conditioner. Check out Men’s Glossybox for only $40, an adorable gift for men.

5. The Best Gift:  And finally, my personal favorite since I don’t do gifts on Valentine’s Day, make it a stay in date night. This is the most cost effective and enjoyable gift in my opinion, so cook dinner together, drink together, laugh together, and remind yourself why you both make each other happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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