Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rihanna Best Makeup Looks #GirlCrush

Happy Wednesday! Whether you love her or love to hate her, Rihanna’s makeup is ALWAYS on point. There’s something about RiRi’s ratchet good girl look that I find extremely attractive which is why she is today’s #girlcrush. Rihanna is a clear example of how makeup is artistic and part of someone’s personality, not a means to cover up. I admire her ability to be a chameleon and own every look, without losing her confidence. Check out my fav Rihanna looks! 

1. The “Natural” Look
Rihanna’s Feb 2013 Rolling Stone cover is by far my favorite look. I’m not sure if it’s the nude makeup or the fact that she’s smoking pot while looking effortlessly gorgeous, but this makeup is absolutely flawless. Stay tuned for Rihanna’s 3rd Vogue Cover in March 2014.

2. The “Red Carpet” Look
Rihanna’s award show makeup ranges from soft eyes and red lips to a bold navy liner with hot pink lips. Elegant or retro, these are some of my favorite wearable looks of hers.

3. The “Bad Girl” Look
This look consists of smoked out brown lids, winged liner, contoured features, and that bad ass plum-burgundy lip. This signature look is difficult to pull off, especially with brown eyes, but a dark lip color is always inspirational. Check out Michelle Phan’s recreation of this signature look and try it out, I know I will.

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