Monday, January 6, 2014

itsJudytime Eyeshadow Palette Review

Get ready with me & Judy! As a dedicated follower and admirer of itsJudyTime, along with her adorable family, I couldn’t help but try out her new eye shadow palette from BH cosmetics. I was pleasantly surprised with her palette and for the limited pricing of $14.95, it was a steal! Below is a list of pros and cons regarding the palette:

Packaging & Size: itsJudyTime palette is petite, light, and secure. It closes magnetically making it extremely easy to store and keep clean. I have even dropped it a few times and it’s just as perfect as  when I received it. The palette also includes a mirror and unlike other palettes, every time I open it, none of the eye shadows fall on the mirror. It’s very easy to take care of and surprisingly durable; a great travel palette. 

Color Selection:  The palette consists of 3 matte neutrals, 5 bronze-warm brown shimmers, 2 lavender shimmers and 1 darker blue. I personally love the color selection because you can easily create daytime and night time looks. I  love using the bronze for casual occasions or adding a pop of color with the blue. The colors work very well together and are exceptional for brown eyes specifically.  Although blue eye shadows may not be optimal for those with blue/green eyes, the majority of the colors are warm toned golds and browns which are great for any eye color.

Price: The limited edition price is $14.95 and the normal price is $19.95 which is not bad, considering other palettes like the  Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette is about $50. Now, I don’t think the two palettes are really in comparison, the Naked 3 is a better quality palette, however  for a third of the price, I’ve been wearing itsJudytime palette almost every day.  

Color Payoff/Texture:  Although the colors last long and are buildable, they are not as pigmented as I would have liked. The texture is slightly more chalky and I do need to apply layers to get the color pay off I would like.

Names:  One of the reasons I got this palette was simply because it was made from Judy. I love her genuine spirit and I think naming the colors would have been a great personal touch. Also, it would be much easier to share what colors users are wearing. This isn’t necessarily a con but something I would have appreciated.

Brush option:  Again, not really a con, but it would be a great bonus if a brush was included simply to apply colors more easily on the go and not carry one separately. The gold/bronze colors are great to to apply on lids with your fingers though. 

Overall, I enjoyed the palette, easy to use, versatile, and I think it is worth the affordable price.
Hope to create more looks soon!



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