Sunday, October 27, 2013

3 Wearable Halloween Makeup Looks: A Goddess, A Dragon Queen, and A Mermaid Princess.

Need some Halloween inspiration? Here are three wearable Halloween looks that can be done with just your makeup collection. Last year, my Halloween looks utilized scar wax and fake blood to create various zombie and vampire looks. However this year, I decided to focus more on "pretty" and easy Halloween makeup and very few Halloween accessories. As usual, most of my Halloween looks are under $40 and utilize items I find around my house. So, below you'll find some easy Halloween makeup looks for 2013, that are fun and not so inappropriate.
1. Powerful Bronze Goddess Halloween Makeup: 

This look is reminiscent of Cleopatra, just without the  animated, green eye shadow look. This Halloween look is all about intriguing those around you by adding warmth to your face. I used the brown girl's go to makeup product,  Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette, combined with some Coastal Scents and Mac products. Use warm browns and golds on the eyes, bronzer all over the face to contour your features, and a soft, nude-brown lip color. Winged liner and lashes are a must for any goddess Halloween look and a gold dress, a white toga, or some gold jewelry help complete this look. I wore a gold, layered chain necklace from Charlotte Russe, and a one sleeved gold dress.

List of products:
Goddess pictures:
Watch how I created this look:

2.  Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryan-"Khalessi" Halloween Makeup: 

Hand's down one of the hardest looks for an Indian girl like myself to pull off, but it was the most fun. I am a HUGE fan of  Game of Thrones and could not resist trying a  Khalessi inspired look, the badass and beautiful dragon queen. This is one of those "no makeup" looks where you have to use various makeup techniques to create the illusion of not wearing any at all. The idea is to make everything look effortlessly natural. I used a wet, gold shadow to lighten up my brows without bleaching them. You can also use the gluestick method to cover your brows, yet I decided to be lazy and lighten them up with eye shadow only. I was able to get my black brows to a dark bronze which doesn't look too off. Bold brows are a must and the rest of the face should be pale, soft, and flawless. I used a foundation 2-3 shades lighter than my natural skin tone, and  cool tone shadows like gray, brown, and  burgundy. The lips should be a light rose stain and don't forget that infamous bright hair. I got my wig at the Spirit Halloween store, but you can also try hair chalk, a washable hair dye.This look isn't complete without gray or purple contacts, similar to the character in the book or show. I decided to just go for a natural green using Gimp, but colored contacts are great investment for a more intense and realistic version of Daeyners Targaryan Halloween makeup. 

List of products:
Khalessi pictures:
Watch how I created this look:

3. Mermaid/Sea Creature Halloween Makeup:

Blues and purples are the two colors I used the most  for this look. Using the Coastal Scents 252 palette, you want to pat on turquoise and blue on the lids. I also used dark blue to contour the face and a shimmery purple/pink  to highlight the cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow. A glossy pink lip is perfect for this look because it adds to that mythical, underwater appearance.Also, if you don't like blue or purple, you can use a combination of any sea colors you want. I've seen many  amazing mermaid Halloween looks that are green, pink, gold, and even black. The key to this look is to add shimmer to the right places for that iridescent "wet" look and keep the makeup heavy on the bottom lash line. I created thicker bottom lashes with liquid liner and decided to try a purple eye color with Gimp.

List of products: 
Mermaid pictures:
Watch how I created this look:

Stay tuned for more makeup posts and  check out looks from previous years like Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, or a skin peeling zombie on my Facebook.  Hope these  looks give you some inspiration and don't be afraid to try something new.Remember,  Experimentation is the best way to learn makeup and find what works best for you.

Happy Halloween!

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