Friday, January 18, 2013

OCC Concealer: For Desi Girls? Photoshop in a jar?

So after continuously hearing the buzz about OCC,I finally gave in and bought the shade Y2(yellow 2) for light-medium-ish skin. After reading many positive reviews from huge beauty bloggers and beauty networking sites, I thought this would be perfect for the under eye problems that most people have. I was especially intrigued by the olive and red undertones that the concealers offered which are great for Punjabi individuals. Many concealers out there are solely red, pink, or too yellow. For myself, I have a light olive undertone, bluish bags, which are only getting worse because I have 12 hour days, and a major case of insomnia.   -__-.It doesn't matter how many green tea bags or eye creams I use, I NEED A GOOD concealer. As far as my concealer routine goes, I've generally used the Bobbi Brown Corrector. The difference between a concealer and corrector is a concealer lightens and covers the area, while a corrector lightens darker areas and  evens out the color. So after months of using the BB peach corrector (great for darker skin tones) I tried out  OCC.


Best concealers for Desi girls, just click on any pic! 

OCC Y2 Concealer: 

  1. Great amount of  product and nice packaging
  2. Slightly sheer with good coverage
  3. Extremely blend-able.
  4. DOES NOT crease!
  5. Reduces the appearance of puffiness and diminishes dark circles


  1. Based on a few reviews, this Y2 works best when mixed with Y1 for more light-med skin tones,but $50 to mix colors? Meh. 
  2. The Y2 color in my opinion is more olive yellow than peach yellow, and to really cover up those dark   areas, you want to use something more warm & peachy if you have a more warm-olive skin tone.

Overall this product isn't amazing or do I love it as much as my Bobbi Brown's Corrector, but  it's pretty damn good. I highly recommend it to at least try out, it can work wonders if mixed well. I sometimes mix it with the peach corrector and the coverage and color is flawless.

Other amazing concealer I think are great for brown girls: 

  1. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer (yes its called amazing for a reason)
  2. Armani Concealer I hear is the best out there, something I'll have to try one day.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent is a great brightener which is helpful for dull tones.

Great drugstore concealers for brown girls:

  1. Maybeline's Fit Me Concealer: For $6, it's  good for those quick makeup days which is basically everyday.
  2. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette-This has pink and yellow toned concealers to mix and match.
  3. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer: Not that good under the eyes, but pretty damn good for spot treatment,redness, or highlighting.

At the end of the day, concealers and correctors need to be experimented with, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of what to try. Now if you already have a concealer you love check out gossmakeupartist, a pro who lays out how to cover under eye areas perfectly. Ive tried his techniques and trust me they work! :)


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