Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 Supermodel Beauty Tricks

As a beauty enthusiast I have my share of girl crushes, but I'd have to say my top supermodel crush is the stunning Miss Adriana Lima. Now of course, my life doesn't include a 24/7 beauty and fitness team so I came up with some easy to do model tricks. Bring out your inner supermodel and more importantly make your beauty routine easier with these tips:

1. Braids:   I always wondered how to get that soft wavy look without using too much product or heat. I finally discovered the braid technique. Sleeping with your hair in 1 or 2 braids, reduces frizz and creates softness and texture to your hair without using any molding paste, frizz cream or hair styling tool. Now this won't make your hair perfect, but it creates a nice base for quick styling. Every night I apply an overnight repair BB hair cream and sleep with a soft braid, waking up to easy to manage waves.

2. Potatoes: The classic way to rejuvenate your eyes and de-puff them are cucumber slices or spoons. Now although this is effective it does not help with dark circles or discoloration near the lids. Instead, try the potato treatment to help fade dark circles and reduce puffiness. Potatoes contain the same enzymes that are often found in many concealers to help brighten the skin. You can use potato slices, or better yet, mash up a potato and drain out any liquid. Wrap the potato mash in a cold cloth and place over and under the eyes for about 15 minutes.

3.The  Skincare Trio: I am a major advocate for good skincare, because the better we care for our skin, the better equipped it is for any damage makeup can bring, or better yet the less makeup you'll feel you need. Invest in a quality skincare trio: cleanser, toner and moisturizer and  use daily to brighten and soften the skin overtime. A cleanser helps remove any dirt, oil, or makeup while a toner helps unclog pores and firm the skin. Of course a moisturizer heals dryness and prevents fine lines, while weekly scrubs remove dead skin cells, leaving your face smooth. My favorites are Neutregena's skincare products and of course DIY products.

4. DIY ( do it yourself):  If you're not using the eggs, avocado, or honey in your fridge, your missing out on the best beauty shop in the world. Now supermodels of course use all kinds of high end products, but you can always find a famous model with egg in her hair or a lime mixture for any acne. My hair and skin feel the best when I do a home treatment, check out these DIY recipes:

5. Exercise: The most difficult one to do, but a good exercise routine can reduce toxins in the skin, making you look younger and more alert. This doesn't mean you need to become extremely fit or skinny,  but simply be healthy. I recently started a more healthy lifestyle  and I have to say the most noticeable results before anything else has been my skin and my hair. Beauty is definitely health.


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