Friday, October 19, 2012

Poison Ivy Halloween Makeup: Easy, Fast, & Affordable

Halloween is creeping up!!! Here's another look I did under $40 of course. I was inspired by the oh so talented MissJessicaHarlow. She's sexy, classy, and of course I love her NY accent; def a makeupnista! She posted a look like this a few years ago and I thought it was great that she used glitter and makeup instead of leaves or the red wig. She took comic book poison ivy and made her much more engaging and wearable. I decided to replicate the look with my own little tweaks and of course all the products I used I either had before or spent a reasonable amount on. Again I listed the products I had which I'm sure many of you already have a version of and then the additional products I had to buy. Remember if you need any of these products, there's tons of drugstore dupes and always look at what you have first.

Products I had:
Loreal True Match Foundation in W4 and N8 ($10 bucks each)
MAC's Blunt powder (you can use any bronzer or dark brown shadow)
MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick (you can use red face paint, or a cheap liner)
Coastal Scents 88 palette (which is on sale for $10 right now)
Wet n Wild berry liner
Duo lash glue & Ardel lashes from previous halloween looks

Products I bought:
$0.99 Sally's Girl Loose Glitter Sparkle Effect-Gleaming Green
$1.99 NYC liquid liner
$3.99 NYX lipgloss in Cosmo

Total Cost: $7

Check out the Beautylish for pictures or reviews of the products I used.

Poison Ivy Tips:

1. Keep the face warm! I tried this look with a more pale face at first using white face paint and it looked like zombie Poison Ivy. Unless you want that "I just died" look, then use your bronzer. I would even suggest using a foundation slightly darker than you.

2. Either cover up your eyebrows, or use a  lash glue. I simply used the Duo lash glue because it lasts long and doesn't pull out any hair. Simply apply the glue and let it dry and become tacky. Next just apply your glitter by patting it on. You can then use green shadow over it to fill in any gaps.

2. I would definitely use a series of green eyeshadows. So a color range palette of any kind will do. The different shades of light green, dark green, and lime green are what really make this look pop out.

3. Drag the shadow down the nose. As you can see I have green shadow curve from my eyebrow to my nose. This curve is a great contrast with the arch of your eyebrow to give you a more sharper look. I used red and brown shadows to blend the color down a little.

4. Lashes & liner. Black liner is a must and I highly recommend intense lashes. Poison Ivy is intriguing  and in order to evoke that "come hither" look you need luscious lashes. Any Ardel 100 and above lash pair will do and you can layer them on or reuse them later.

5. Use shades of baby blue, white, or yellow to create feather like lines diagonally above the brows. This will give the illusion of your face and eyes being more "cat like" without using leaves.

6. Finally grab your brightest red lip liner, lipstick, or lip paint! Make your lips look defined, glossy, and bold!

This look honestly took me about 20 minutes, but you can always check out my inspiration with Jessica's much more elaborate tutorial!

Happy Halloween!!
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  1. I soooo love your makeup ideas! Thanks for sharing, this is such a great help since I am looking for great and scary halloween makeup ideas and this post just gave me few ideas. Thanks for sharing, dear!

    cheers and more power!
    ~ Cristine