Wednesday, October 24, 2012

French Maid Makeup for Halloween

I was never a huge fan of the "slutty" costume look for Halloween, especially where I live. Unless you enjoy rain, snow, or even ice ruining your costume, hair, or makeup, then I suggest doing a look that's a little more practical? I'm always torn between the sexy costume look or the creepy costume look, so I generally combine them together. By combining the two you not only maintain your sex appeal but a little gore or supernatural in your look will actually make you stand out more. What I like to do is make up some sort of a weird story line to guide my makeup look. So in this case, I'm a pissed off maid who is so sick of cleaning up the house that my inner demon is starting to come out. Correction: I'm a "sexy" pissed off maid who is so sick of cleaning up the house that my inner demon is starting to come out. Learn how to achieve this sexy french maid look for under $40 and remember to see what you have first and the cheapest alternatives:

Products I had:
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Coastal Scents 88 Palette
Loreal True Match Foundation (W4 & N8)
Wet n wild white eyeliner
Creepy Skin & Fake blood
Mac's Blunt powder
NYC liquid liner
Wet n Wild bronzer
*Use any duplicates you have*

Products Bought:
$1.99 Wet n Wild Red liner
$1 Wet n Wild liner in chestnut
$3.95 Ardel Lashes 110
$4.99 NYX Sunrise lipgloss

Total Additional Costs: $11.93
Check out the Beautylish for more on products.

Sexy Maid Tips

1. It's all about flawless skin! In this case I used 2 different foundation shades; one that matched my skin  and one that is darker. Place the darker one on the edges of your face and blend the one that matches your skin everywhere else. This is a fast and basic way to add depth, dimension, and edge to your face, but if you want an even better finish especially for pictures check out this guide to  Contouring 101. 

2. Bold Eyes: You can experiment any way you want with dark eyes but just make sure they stand out! I used shimmery plums, cool silvers & browns, and black to create intense eyes. The cool shimmer tones compliment the bronze, matte, and photo ready skin. Add some dramatic lashes and your eyes will look sexy but mad for that creepy maid look. Another trick is to take an angled brush and drag the black shadow around the crease to towards the nose. This opens up the eye space so your eyes look larger and won't look "too dark."

3. Of course you need creepy skin and fake blood for the "demon side" of you. Using lash glue, simply stick the fake skin around your cheek and blend it into the skin and end of the lip. You then just fill in the gap you made with black, brown, and dark red shadows. Make sure you dab the colors and fake blood in so they look blotchy. Here's a trick to create a more 3D texture to your creepy skin. Take little pieces of ripped cotton (don't roll them into a ball, keep the pieces spread out) and stick that to the skin. Cover them up using the same shadows and fake blood and you'll see your skin looks bumpy as if it's almost coming off your face.

4. Sexy nude lips. To keep the focus on the eyes and the peeling skin, keep the lips simple. Brown liner and nude or gold gloss is all you need.

5. Finally, pearls and lace are a great way to finish the look. I would definitely recommend gloves or a duster as well if you want to splurge a little more. AND if you still need a little more sexy, take your bronzer and blend that on your chest area. This will help with that glowing look in an overall picture, compliments the warmth in your face, and of course will make that area look more appealing.

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Have fun and Happy Halloween!
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  1. Nice makeup! I am awed at how you manage to appear creepy yet still so pretty on those makeup. I am searching for Halloween makeup ideas this year to try on coming halloween and this one just gave me an idea. Cheers!

    1. Aw thank you Sheila. I don't like being too creepy lol, but I am glad you liked this post and it inspired you in some way :)