Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Makeup Tips For a Sexy Vampire Halloween Look

Here's the first of my halloween series for affordable, wearable, and creative halloween makeup looks. If you have no idea what to go as this year, the default is always a sexy vampire. It's one of those universal looks that can compliment any skin tone, facial feature, or hair color. This makeup doesn't include costs for actual costumes and props but in my opinion if your face is on point, you can wear whatever. As makeupnistas, I'm sure you have a foundation and some sort of makeup products already. Always take a look at what you have first, how you can use it, and then go buy what you need the most. *Remember you can make different lip colors, blushes, and eyeshadows by mixing them together; you don't need every color.

Products I had:

$9 Maybelline Dream Mouse Foundation
$15 Smolder Eyeliner from MAC
$4 NYC loose powder
Various lip colors in red & purple

Products Bought:
$1 Cream Paint-White
$18 Coastal Scents 88 Palette which is on sale right now for $9.48 
$5 Ardel Lashes
$4 Fangs, Fake Blood Set

Total Estimated Cost:

Here are a few things to remember when creating your look: 

1. Mix your foundation with the white face paint and use a flat foundation brush. This is going to give you that pale vampy look without looking blotchy, clown like, or too animated. You'll look like a "natural" vampire.

2. Use dark brown, gray, or silver eyeshadows to contour the face. Vampires have really edgy, almost manly faces so make those cheekbones, jawline, and nose really sharp.

3. Matte, matte and more matte. Vampires don't wear shimmery highlighters or have sun kissed skin. Use powders and shadows on the face that have no sparkle.

4. Combine rusty colored reds, burgundies, warm toned browns, and of course black shadows on the eyes. Use big fluffy brushes to achieve a soft glowing look.

5. For once you can skip the concealer. Just take some browns and emphasize your dark circles even more.

6. Black liner FTW! Line your eyes intensely. If you have brown eyes like me use a red shadow over the black liner in your water line to bring out that creepy glow. If you have a lighter eyecolor like blue or green, try a yellow-bronze color instead or just keep it black.

7. Of course keep the lips red, dark purple, or even black if you want to be really vampy. I kept mine a glossy red in order to blend better with the blood smudges. If you pat the blood on with a sponge you'll get a smeared look, or use the end of your makeup brush to make the the blood drip down or seep into any fake skin you apply.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!! 
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