Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

For all my procrastinators or last minute planners, here's a list of awesome makeup looks you can do without spending money on an actual costume and it'll look like you actually planned it :p

1. Sugar Skulls for Halloween & Day of the Dead

You can grab a white face paint for literally $1 at any drugstore or halloween store. Grab your best eyeliner and choose a few of your favorite eyeshadow colors.  A sugar skull is all about creating the eyes and mouth, so simply black out the eyes and draw simple lines across the mouth for that skeletal look. The rest is free hand, so have fun creating different shapes and lines. I would definitely use a reference photo to help guide you. I did a modern take on La Catrina as a skin peeling half faced sugar skull. Fake flowers or any cape like head pieces will definitely boost your costume but in this case the skull face is what matters the most.

2. Zombie Girl

Now of course this isn't the more realistic zombie look but perfect for a last minute basic look. Splotch on white face makeup and blend a series of brown, black, and gray shadows for that dead bruised look. I used red shadows for a more blood shoot look but of course you can stick to blacks and browns. You can also use scar wax, creepy skin, or better yet pieces of cotton and lash glue to create scars and peeling skin. Splatter on some fake blood and you're done!

3. Mer Girl?

Wear something sparkly and sprinkle on some shimmer! For a quick mermaid look, apply blues, greens, and purples to the eyes and draw on some fake bottom lashes with a thick liner. Use fake lashes and white liner for that doe eyed look and nude/pink lips to compliment the eyes. For that fish scale look, grab anything with net texture, even those fruit nets you get from the grocery store will work. Place that on the temples and forehead and using a shimmery shadow, pounce the product lightly over the net. This will leave you with a shiny "scaly" look without buying actual scales.

It's always best to plan your costume, but if all else fails look through your makeup box!
 Happy Halloween! 

                                              For more looks check out the FB or Beautylish.

French Maid
Sexy Vampire
Poison Ivy 

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  1. Skull and zombie girl are probably the easiest, yet trickiest makeup for halloween. Cheers!

    - Cristine