Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beer Hair Repair? 3 Beauty Tips For Football Season

Football season has arrived which means you may find yourself in this situation on Sundays. 

Here are 3 cheap, easy to do, beauty tips perfect for Football Sunday:

1Football Nail Art: Grab your nail polishes, some makeup sponges, and play around with ombre football color designs, or mix and match.  Check out these #ninernation nails from various beauty blogs online

2.  Football Face Masks: Instead of munching on chip and dip, use some of the ingredients to make yourself a skin brightening mask. Mixing avocado and honey can help maintain a healthy glow to the skin or soothe any redness or irritation. Mash up 1 avocado with 2 Tbs of honey, use a flat foundation brush to paint the mask on and let it penetrate your skin for about 15-20 minutes. Gently wash it off and you’ll see a more refreshed appearance. 

     3Football Beer Hair Repair: Of course this may sound odd, but beer is actually very beneficial for your hair. The proteins and B vitamins found in malt are said to add shine, bounce, remove dirt or residue and can heal hair that is dry, damaged, or has split ends. Also, the ingredients in beer bine with each hair tightening the hair cuticle and leaving a more luscious look. Big Hair Don't Care!

Beer Rinse: Simply wash your hair with your daily shampoo and conditioner and then pour a flat beer over. Leave the product in for about 10 minutes and  rinse away!

Beer Shampoo: Make it fancy by mixing  ½ cup of beer with ½ cup of your shampoo and use that to wash your hair. It’s best to use warm beer in this case.This is something you can do every other Sunday and it leaves no beer scent after.

So now you got your nails did, your hair did, and your skin is resonating a gorgeous glow. 
Football Season is now welcomed. 

 Happy Sunday!

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