Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Rants & Raves: Andreas Choice-Circus Nail Polish

I doubt Andrea will read this but if she does, I hope she understands my absolute love and adoration for her. I follow a lot of YouTube Beauty Gurus and Andreas Choice hands down takes the cake. Now of course there are makeup gurus all over who have fantastic videos on how to do everyday to creative makeup looks, but this is where personality and innovation is key especially for makeup artists like myself. I can watch a ton of videos on how to get the perfect look, but when it comes to interesting and doable DIY (do it yourself) videos, you cannot help but fall in love with Andrea's down to earth humor and relatable personality which I feel is lacking in the makeup world. Not to say skills are meaningless, there are plenty of makeup gurus who have talents that blow you away, but when it comes to beauty, branding along with that talent is important. So with all that said here's my personal review of AndreasChoice new nail polish line-Circus.

Now I got to try out the yellow nail polish called Somersault with MyGlam, and it did have its ups and downs. When applying the color it  took about 3 coats to get the true color to shine which I didn't really love. I read a few other reviews and it seems that other beauty geeks had similar issues with just this yellow nail polish, so it may just be this type of color? However, I thought the color was  beautiful, long lasting, and had adorable packaging. The color selection and quality are by far only a few of the positives with the product.
 First of all, the creative circus theme and the facebook page is marketing brilliance and I cant think of anything better to scream her brand and her personality. Second, the colors are vibrant and great for any season. At first I thought they would be ultra bright and only good for summer but I was surprised how versatile the colors were and how much they just glowed! Finally, the brush applicator is also much thinner  then most nail polish brushes so it's easier to glide the color on with minimal mistakes. If you have ugly man hands like me and can't paint nails for the life of you, then you'll appreciate the better precision. Overall, I love the nail polish collection, I highly recommend it and  cant wait to try the other ones!

Check out one my favorite recent AndreasChoice videos and then waste 3 hours on a YouTube rant, its fun! :p



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