Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Rants & Raves: Makeup Markup

Save $50 on the Naked Palette

I recently just graduated with a degree in Marketing and I realized that after 4 years of college while currently in a depressing job hunt, I can proudly say I am a broke ass. As much as I love makeup I honestly can’t always afford to splurge on the more expensive brands like Mac, Urban Decay, Nars, Lancome or Makeup Forever. I would either get them as gifts or enter makeup competitions to get them as prizes. I was lucky enough to receive the Naked 2 Palette as a birthday gift yet one of my friend's told me she just spent 50 bucks to get it and that got me thinking:  
Why is makeup so damn expensive??
Don’t be fooled by high prices, pro artist reviews, or glitzy packaging. At the end of the day many cosmetic brands take old or discontinued colors, slap on a new campaign and resell it for a higher price, the Naked 2 Palette being a worthy example. Although the original Naked palette does have more warmer toned colors while the Naked 2 palette has more neutral colors, it’s pretty much just an extension of the original. For example, Half Baked is in both palettes and colors like Smog, Hustle, or Toasted (Naked 1) are quite similar to Snakebite, Busted, or Verve ( Naked 2), while other dupes are not far off. Customers with the original, instead of buying just 1-2 individual shadows to add on, have bought an ENTIRE palette with pretty much the same range of colors, basically spending $100 on 2 of the same palette!!!!

 If you’re a victim of this, don’t feel bad, we all like to splurge and the palette is honestly great. The eye shadows are pigmented, have decent fall out and the palette contains both matte & shimmer shadows perfect for everyday and evenings looks. It’s also quite easy to store and travel with.

In my opinion, I think Urban Decay could have a more sustainable and loyal fan base if they made the palettes  have completely different color themes. This would allow them to continuously expand the product and tell some sort of story with it, but instead the product potential is capped and so will consumer interest. Of course I’m not part of Urban Decay’s marketing department (insert resume here) but when it comes to cosmetics, the consumer-brand relationship  is extremely important. All and all, the Naked  Palettes are not bad in quality, so kudos to Urban Decay for a decent marketing tactic to get an extra 50 bucks out of customers. For my smart makeupnistas, beginners, or start up artists on a budget, you can  get the palette on eBay for half the price, stick with  only one of them, or explore the NYX nude on nude palette. I can sarcastically say I’m looking forward to the colors in the Naked 3 Palette. 

Let me know your thoughts on the Naked Palettes through FB :)


  1. I wanna buy one, but dont know which one to get, i'd prefer one with natural shades.

  2. I'd recommend the naked 1 palette for more natural looks. I have the 2nd one which is great, but I think the 1rst one would be best for what you're looking for :)