Monday, August 27, 2012

Makeup Mondays: 5 Easy Ways To Get Longer Lashes

Do you have bald or balding lash lines? No worries, here are some safe and simple tricks that will boost your lashes for everyday looks and help eliminate that no lash syndrome.

1. Lash Health 101: First off, do NOT wear fake lashes on a daily basis even if they are half lashes or a simple pair. Continuously wearing these lashes can weaken your natural lashes due to the glue near the roots and the extra pressure. It's basically like eating a Big Mac everyday but for your lashes...bad example but you get the idea! Save the fake ones for special occasions.

Second,  make an effort to take off your makeup before bed and get in the habit of a healthy skincare routine. Simply take a q tip or a piece of cotton, soak it in hot water, and gently press and rub along the top and bottom lash line. You'll notice your mascara will start running down and you can then wash your face as normal. Removing mascara will make sure your lashes don't harden and fall out as easily.

2. Natural Lash Conditioner: Once in a while take some Olive oil and again with a q tip, gently rub the product along your lash lines. Olive oil infuses the lashes with protein and moisture so they grow thicker, faster, and stronger.

3. Eyelash Curler:  This will instantly give you the length you need. It may not give you fullness but that's what mascara is for. You can't have a beautiful lash look without this in my opinion. It is an essential makeup tool and I highly recommened investing in a good one that really bends the lashes.

4. Mascara Tricks: When applying mascara always and I mean ALWAYS take off the excess before application. You only need a  small amount of product and anything more will cause your lashes to look clumpy, harden quicker, and be more prone to falling out.

Another trick is to bend the brush so it's curved as oppose to straight. This will curl the lashes more when applying the product, giving you more bank for your buck.

Finally the Kim Kardashian trick is something that always works for me. Basically apply all the mascaras you have, doesn't matter the type or brand. I always apply the Loreal Voluminous Mascara, the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, and then another Maybelline XXX Volume Mascara. The trick is not to apply excess product but apply a basic coat of each mascara after one drys. You can then comb your lashes with an eyelash comb and you'll see your lashes are more noticeable then ever. The combination of mascaras help the lashes not get use to one kind of product and they will get the benefit of all three products.

5. Colored Mascara:  If you apply a thickening mascara other than black, not only will your lashes look fuller but your eye color will pop.  Now if you're afraid of a little color, just apply a basic coat of the color with your other black mascaras, that way you get a subtle tint of color to make your eyes glow. For a limited time only, Maybelline is selling their classic Great  Lash Mascara in 4 different colors for all eye tones. The limited colors include Pop of Purple, Blink of Blue, Go Go Green and Totally Teal. Each is great for any eye color or lash length but I personally love the Blink of Blue for my brown eyed beauties ;) 

Happy Monday!

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