Monday, August 20, 2012

Makeup Mondays: 4 Ways to Look More Awake.

After a weekend of sleeping in, it's difficult to get out of bed and look your best, especially when you didn't get enough sleep. Your skin gets dehydrated and regardless of an effective and quick makeup routine, when you're tired, you can't help but look tired. Pounds of makeup won't cover  bags, puffy eyes, or "dead"  skin, so here are some simple tips to look more awake, alert, and maintain a fantastic glow throughout the day. 

1. Dark Circles.  If you have dark circles in the blue-green color family, stop using those pink concealers and go for a peach corrector. Peachy or any warm toned corrector will cancel out the blue- green hues in your dark circles; its textbook color wheel application. Concealers with pink undertones will actually highlight your dark circles. It also depends on how you apply the product. Using a beauty blender will diffuse the look of your concealer making your under eyes look less cakey and more hydrated. Try Bobbi Brown's Peach Corrector, one of my favorite concealers and apply it with a fluffy brush or beauty blender sponge.

2. Sleepy lids. Apply a white or better yet a peach/gold eyeliner in your water line. Gold or nude liners brighten the whites in your eyes and can enhance your eye color; an opposite effect of black eyeliner. Nude liners also help widen the eye for a rounder more alert look. Leave the dark/smokey liners for night or when you're going out.

3. Zombie Skin.  Prevent that "zombie" or dull skin by chugging a gigantic glass of water right when you wake up. The quick hydration will flow to your skin adding your natural color back to your face. Keep your skin hydrated by continuously drinking water throughout the day. Also, applying too many powder products of the same texture can make your skin more dull. Switch up your products and try cream blushes or an illumining bronzer, especially if you have a dry skin. For more oily or combo skin types, try matte foundations or dust on a finishing powder on the center of your face.

4. Puffy eyes. Skip the coffee or any other caffeine infused beverage because they will only add to that bloated eye look. Instead, eat an apple, and try an eye complex gel. The fructose, or natural sugar,  from an apple will wake you up much better and give you more fuel than coffee, while quickly reducing any morning headaches. The eye gel will also not only reduce puffiness but actually prevent extreme puffiness in the future.


   Happy Monday! 

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